Anger. Spite. Bitterness. Resentment... These are all signs of our shields being up.

When I put up my shields and put up my fists, I lose sight of my authentic self, and sight of the beauty of others. Love is still all around, but I'm no longer present to the harmonious flow in all things. I'm lost in duality, vacant in reality, living in illusion and hurt. 

These are all indicators we are hiding from a common core of love. 

When I hold resentment towards others, it is myself that I have imprisoned. When I project the sins of others, it is myself I hold in hell. Then and consequently, the connection and results I seek are even further from my reach. And it's my choice. 

And I hear Elsa and Anna in my head reminding me, "Love can thaw a frozen heart."

When I'm feeling stuck in rigid and frustrated solidity, it's time to melt. 

Anger is a shield emotion for sadness, so when I'm angry, I'mma check myself before I wreck myself. 

When I turn in or turn out in rage, I lose the grounding strength of my authentic and sensitive self. When I melt into the deep center of how I truly am, the strength of compassionate love bubbles up and spills over. 

When you ice over, think to yourself: It's time to melt.