Embody, Embark, Embrace

It can be a struggle to find words that capture what it means to be truly in the here and now. Words like awareness and presence have become as popular as they have become nebulous. I'm glad these concepts have become common in our contemporary lexicon, and I am concerned that we can be so comfortable with ideas like "mindfulness" that we intellectually adopt them while resisting the transformation that lies within. We can talk about the "right" ways of being until we are blue in the face without entering the metamorphosis of becoming our ideals. 

How do we enter the cocoon? How do we step into this flow, this process? How can we truly become what we aspire? Or, to put it as I heard often growing up: How can we talk the talk AND walk the walk? 

At the risk of using more words and more concepts, I think this process is the threefold journey of the soul and can be summed up in three words: Embody. Embark. Embrace. This is the invitation of be•live•love. 

Embody. My ethos is embodied in my practices. From the depths of my being, the essence of me both receives inward and flows outward. Who I am and what I truly believe show up in my cells, in my actions, in my presence; so I incarnate as my highest and best self to the best of my ability every day. I am grounded in my body and my spirit soars. I dance, sing, play and delight in the world around me. From my soles to my soul, I savor the beautiful, meaningful and rich experience that life is. I am being me fully, freely and authentically. 

Embark. With both my pen and my life, I write a large vision and run into it. We have running stories of smallness and comfort and the opportunity to write a new story and live a great adventure. We all have a voice of resistance, and we all have a whisper of hope and possibility, so I feed the second wolf. My journey is not anyone else's to walk, it is mine alone. Although I'm thankful to have many companions and an ever-growing tribe along the way. We rewrite our programming through lived experiences, inviting others to be and become fully authentic. 

Embrace.  It all comes back to love. Openness, acceptance, connectedness... these are how we stay true to ourselves and to the flow of life. I embrace what is, I love what arises. I love who I am, who I'm with, where I am, and what I choose to do. With an ever-growing awareness of the facts of our time is also engendered a vibrant and loving joy. Love reaches into the deep places of my soul and ripples out to no end. We deeply connected, one expression of divine love even as we are many. Our entire existence is subsumed in love, dissolving the lines that divide and ushering in a new paradigm of thriving for all.

At any point, we can resist this movement of our lives. We can tell ourselves that our hearts are not ready to open that far. We can begrudge our circumstances and miss the beautiful opportunity they are. We can mistake our despising of ourselves as an attempt to love others and the divine, missing the barrier we are inventing for us all the while. We can believe ourselves too sensitive, too small, incapable of adapting and being transformed. We can shrink back in a comfort-loving-change-fearing combination with mediocrity and complacency baked into the recipe... or we can open up, step up, and lean in. Much like the Spartan race I did this last weekend, life will present obstacles and opportunities. If we are present to the moment and faithful to the arch of our story we can keep moving forward, doing just what is needed as the time arises.  

We're invited to in-tegrate, to be and become ourselves as we live lovingly outward. 

Maybe there's a gap you are experiencing between what you believe is possible and what you see. How can you embody your vision in the here and now? How can you write a new story and step into possibility? How can you open up to the love beating in your own heart and binding us all together? Look up and listen in, I believe you'll find a way. 

How are you embodying, embarking and embracing today?

To close, here are three examples of practices for each of the three E's:

  • I practice embodiment by going barefoot. It is a constant reminder to be authentic, vulnerable and present. 
  • I practice embarking by being both passive and active: Meditation and journaling help me ground and focus myself in my story and then I go live it. 
  • I practice embrace through affirmations and prayer, as well as giving lots of hugs. 

These are just examples. What are your modalities for a beautiful and meaningful life?


In, through, and to love,