ACT it Out: The Power of Acknowledgement

Acceptance and Acknowledgement are powerful and freeing. Rather than resisting what is or how I'm feeling, I can move forward.

Hello, Luminous Being!

The last few weeks have been vulnerable. It's amazing; I like to think that authenticity and vulnerability are my bread and butter, but I still get hurt, close myself around those hurts, and begin to foster bitterness and resentment. Sharing in person with people I care about and sharing with all of you have been big steps for me personally. It's almost like ACKNOWLEDGEMENT is powerful... Of course it is!

Welcome to my run! While the video quality is shaky, the point is sound: We must accept and embrace the challenges we face. To move forward, we must ACKNOWLEDGE what IS. 

I have a helpful acronym for this: ACT. Accept. Choose. Thank.

Accept. Starting with what is, Once I come to terms with what is; what I'm feeling, what happened, what is in or out of my control, I can work with it. While I am in my stories or in my resistance, I'm circumventing the real issue, my relationship with reality.  At the loss of a loved one, I must come to terms. When I am feeling __________... whatever it is, starting with the admission of what I am feeling frees me to address it. 

Choose. Upon dealing what it, I can orient myself to face it. So much of our reality is shaped by our perception. How will I choose to see? How will I choose to be? This is where the magic happens! Then...

Thank. Gratitude arises out of acceptance. While I know in my head I "should" always be grateful, trying to persuade myself as to the "reasonableness" of gratitude never changes my state. If I am at work and am perceiving my labor as a huge waste of time, I will not be thankful. Instead, I've got to go through the first two steps, and THEN celebrate! 

This point has been made before, but I think we often do not know how powerful it is to simply ACKNOWLEDGE what is. Acknowledgement and acceptance are powerful. When you get stuck,  ACT it out.