The Hats We Wear

We are much larger than the roles we inhabit. We are much more than the hats we wear.

The uniforms we don, the roles we play,

These do not have the final say,

To the glorious essence of YOU!

and yet...

These roles we take

they give us shape,

structure, conditioning too.

Is your work an extension or restriction,

creating thriving or friction

between what you believe, say and do. 

There is no perfect job, 

no perfect structure

all will have thankless tasks, it's true

but are you contributing

meaningfully, joyfully, 

to others and to the real you?


I've had lots of jobs. Jobs that worked well for me, jobs that didn't. In every job (and every role, for that matter), there has been an opportunity to learn. I have grown as a person and also been able to distinguish places of integration to places of disintegration. I have seen where different work has contributed to thriving for others and where it has hurt others and the ecosystems we all share. At one point in time, I was obsessed with finding the "right job," the "right fit," and I'm working in that kind of environment more than ever before. Yet even this extremely positive experience reminds me... I am more than what I do. I am more than the hats I wear. I am more and beyond any particular role I fill. I seek to put my full self into everything I do. Harness my energy and effort to do my best and to bring the best to others. This is what great jobs and roles do, they place a demand on our giftedness. They ask us to tap into our potential and apply it in a focused way. Before I was a father, I still had an immense capacity to love and serve, but much of it was not actualized. Same goes for youth pastoring, bartending, being a chiropractic assistant, or even writing and speaking in a professional capacity. Having the gift is one thing, then unleashing it into the context of a role takes it to the next level.

We are more than the hats we wear. We need not despise them either. If the hat doesn't fit or doesn't help us make good shit, we can try on another. 

Go be fully you in whatever you do. My hat is off to you, friend.