Life is an Interpretive Dance

I've been known to spend much of my days making my own kind of music, creating parodies on the fly, speaking in an odd assortment of accents and, of course, a fair amount of interpretive dance. Last week, a friend commented with an air of joking sarcasm, "Working on your interpretive dance, there?" "Every day," I said. "Life is an interpretive dance."

Isn't it, though?

Life is a mystery. We figure it out on the go, as we go, as we move, as we groove to our heart's content. We make meaning, move in ways that matter to us. Even where we are schooled in structured Traditions, these Traditions are not wholly static, shifting with time and in collective conversations. No one knows the answer--as if there were one question! We do our best to embrace the chaos, embrace the mystery, and to move with joy in the midst of it. 
Our life is an expression.
What we believe, what we do, and what we take the risk of sharing. We embrace who we are, embody what we believe and embark on a journey of a lifetime. There is always a risk in sharing, always the chance others will not understand, or will even ridicule us in the process.  And so we dance. Full-bodied, full-hearted, one moment, one thought, one action, one work of art at a time. 

Moving to the music of the moment

A song in our hearts

Flowing with everything we are

Caught in the beautiful dance of Life

Life is an Interpretive Dance. 

You don't have to have all the answers. You don't need to have it all figured out. You don't even need to be understood by others. But we must dance. 

Dance on, my friends!