Life is Ephemeral

Life is ephemeral, this moment is fleeting

be here, with your breath, now

with a heart that is beating

You are surrounded

by beauty and life

in the midst of this challenge or experience of strife

What is now may be, and yet it may not

so treasure the time, place, and season you've got

Love what is and with whom you share it

there's no need to hide, don't just grin and bear it

Where life is hard, you can be with that too

an authentic me with an authentic you


There will never be a sunrise

just like there was today

and yet there will be cycles, growth, returns, 

come what may


Resentment, nostalgia, they live in the past

celebrate and remember, it's not here to last

The future may be bright, or it may seem to you dark

but within now there's light, within you there's a spark

Find a way to love and let go of what is

immersed and engaged yet detached, balance is

open-handed, open-hearted, alive in the now

if life is your stage, one day you'll take a bow

Let the flittering fleetingness of life bring you back

reorient yourself to what is, take your tack

lift your gaze from the haze from your dreamy-eyed daze

and into the sunlight, to catch today's rays

All we have is now, the rest is an illusion

of a brain that's craving stasis, staving off confusion

Instead, embrace the chaos of what is and what may be

live fully open, fully true, live life authentically.


Life is ephemeral. Enjoy it while it lasts!