In Processes and Cycles, Be Open

Happy Tribe Tuesday, Friend!

It's tempting to see our journey as a purely linear one, and then be frustrated when our facts and feelings don't fit that framework. Indeed, some of our biggest resistance and self-judgment can occur when we feel like we are not "as far along" as we should be, or when "old" feelings and ways of being resurface to be felt and lived again. 

My soles and my soul have felt sore in the last few weeks or so, and rather than simply acknowledging that information and moving on, I have been upset at myself and in my head for having "not arrived." Insecurity and patterns of unlove towards myself can coincide, and the tendency can be to hide instead of boldly stepping into a vulnerable state of authenticity. When we close ourselves and move into judgment instead of remaining in openness called love; we slow these cycles and processes, these ebbs and flows, of our inner life. I'm reminding myself and you as well to neither be discouraged nor dismayed, and to be open with the process. 

If I'm feeling the need to rest and recover, to withdraw for purposes of self-care, I can do so. I can do so with the acknowledgement and respect for how I'm feeling, rather than reacting out of a state of fear. If I have been stuck in patterns of avoidance, I can acknowledge those and push play on a new song. The thing that keeps this double-helix of my life "moving forward" and "evolving" is my EMBRACING of what is, even when it feels like a long process or a recurring theme. I drag things out and get myself stuck when I hide and react, but by being open, I can take on my life one moment (and one process) at a time.

You are in process. We are in process! It is so much more than okay, it's a gift.

With openness and tenderness to self and other,