Embrace Discomfort, Shift Your Life

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Just because it's what you've done before, doesn't mean it's worth continuing. 

Just because you're comfortable, doesn't mean you're happy.

Just because you are how you are, doesn't mean you're being all of who you are. 

Maybe it's time for a SHIFT. After all,

Metanoia and metamorphosis require the embrace of discomfort. 

In my work as a Chiropractic Assistant, I have become skilled in inviting people into discomfort for the sake of their growth and transformation. (Really, I've become aware how it is a life theme for me, but let's stick with chiropractic for a moment in specific to draw out this point.) Over the course of time, our bodies adapt to the thoughts, traumas, and toxins we experience by assuming less-than-optimal postures and ways of being. The energies we absorb in our bodies shape our bodies, and it is often not long before we are "subluxated," where the flow of intelligence through our nervous system is disrupted and this is where things start to go awry. Without even knowing it, we are being less-than-fully ourselves. Without any conscious decision that direction, we are effectively expressing less life. Getting adjusted and doing traction (my role in our office) are not always fun, and traction, in particular, is definitely not comfortable, but it can be work to rebuild a fully alive, thriving you. It isn't comfortable, it IS transformative. 

Like the work in traction, just because we are comfortable doesn't mean we are thriving. Just because I'm not crying out in pain, doesn't mean I'm living my fullest and most authentic life.  It's easy to sink into a big comfy couch, even if it is that posture that is killing us. It is easy to tend to entropy--it may be the most powerful force in the universe. Letting that entropy drive, though, will drive you into the ground. To grow, we face our resistance with the insistence that we get to live our best life in this instance. Gain traction, get it action. 

Any good story will have drama, chance, and risk. Why do we think avoiding challenges is the goal? For me, when I find myself getting comfortable, I start asking questions. Maybe the only thing that needs to shift is my attitude. Maybe the primary change is my mental perception. Sometimes it is more than that. The key question for me:


And what does it look like? What is a story I can pour my blood, sweat, laughter, tears, joy, pain, silence and conversation into? Rest assured, whatever it is, it's going to make me uncomfortable

I'm going to feel things. I'm going to experience fear and pain. I might fall, I might fail. Rather than resist these (likely) outcomes, bracing ourselves for the prolonged inevitable... 


Falling with style, embracing the thrills, enjoying the process and holding open our hands, mindset, and hearts. 

Whatever the next step is, it's going to require embracing the butterflies, embracing the tension, embracing what has been along with what can be. Let's ditch the "SHOULDS" and find our "MUST." 

If you love your life, I'm not here to inspire the loss of gratitude. Quite the opposite, actually. I want to see us LIVE FULLY. It's easy to settle, to get stuck and resigned, to imagine ourselves at a dead end, simply maintaining. Fear of loss can quietly keep us rigid, stiff and stuck. 

The trick is NOT to care less or to be careless, but to lean in fully and hold lightly. If it doesn't make me uncomfortable, is it worth it?

To SHIFT, to move forward, let go of what you can, and commit to move in the way that matters. Embrace discomfort, shift your life.