The Child Who Survived

The creative adult is the child who survived.
— Ursula K. Le Gui

We all pile rocks of life experience on our soul. It just happens. We are often not aware of just how encumbered we are in the "stuff" of life we collect. We shrink underneath the weight of what we've taken on and taken in, and if we let it, we could crush our souls. Buried beneath is that essence and energy of who we truly are, still bursting at the seams and waiting to be expressed. Our vitality, our creativity, our enthusiasm, our love... All of this is available to us if we can survive the weight of life and peel back these layers of our existence. 

I hear people say things. Things like, "I'm not a creative person." "I'm not athletic." "I wish I could do that." Who is to say you aren't? Who is to say you can't? Your inner child is there, asking, surviving in the rockpile... will you work to let them out? Let YOU out? 

Authenticity does not have to be starting over, building every facet of your identity from scratch. In fact, it can often start with a simple reclaiming of what has been there all along. What was that dream you thought you had to bury? It's still there, somewhere. Who is that person you thought you could no longer be? They still exist. What I've found is that in pulling away the tombstones of insecurity there is still an authentic me there,  beaming from the inside out.

Don't hide your light under a bushel, and don't hide your inner child in a cave.  

Nourish your inner child and unleash the creativity, energy, and vitality of who you truly are and can be.