Cultivating an Inner Soundtrack of Joy

Hello, Luminous Being! Happy Tribe Tuesday!

I make no secret of (and no apology for) my love of dance music. I love it. On my runs to and from work in the past couple days, I've been listening to some fantastic Zedd albums while rocking out, dancing, jumping around, vaulting over things, and somehow keeping the headphones on. I think our lives, best and most fully lived, are like this. We can feel sorrow, we can be present to sadness, then we can run, leap, and bound, having a rollicking good time!

These ways of being are always available, yet that doesn't mean we are always expressing ourselves to our own luminous potential. When I tune into my inner soundtrack, I am able to see what I have been cultivating in my inner life, and this also indicates what shows up on the outside. As I've often heard it said, "your energy is showing." What I'm listening to internally will show on my face, and I'll move to the music within. What I think will show in my posture, what I believe will guide my actions. For these reasons, it is extremely important to cultivate an "inner soundtrack of joy." The question is, how?

  1. Embrace a spirit of play. Whether in crocheting or meditating, musing or perusing, we can root the best of our activities in our highest levels of vibration. This does not mean there has to always be a higher purpose involved in what we do, but a sense of whimsy, of curiosity, of joy. How I perceive my surroundings will shape how I interact with them, so I cultivate a sense of play. I take myself lightly, I hold gently the gifts afforded me, and I stay open. 
  2. Speak and sing to your soul with love and kindness. Our words and sounds have power. Other than running, it's been said that singing is the quickest way to release endorphins. By loving ourselves with our words, speaking to ourselves as we would speak to others, we can address the negative stories we tell ourselves with another perspective. We create new neural pathways where openness, generosity, and resilience can flow instead of our insecurity and scarcity stories. 
  3. Create space and structure, rituals and rhythms. Practicing play and love are important for cultivating it. We do not merely invent an inner life of joy without embodying it! What activities bring you joy? What time and energy will you set aside for building your joy "playlist?" Only you can answer these questions, but you have me and other people in your life to act as a sounding board and a guide as needed. :)

In fact, this month, I'd love to work with you on cultivating an inner soundtrack of joy!

On June 24th, I will be having both of my workshops held in an epic double-header. Powerful Morning, Powerful You! at 10 am, followed by a break for lunch before Relentless Forward Progress at 2 pm. Tickets are $30 for each workshop separately, or $50 when you register for both. (As has been the case with recent workshops, both will be held at HomeTask in Burien: 611 SW 152nd St, 98166.) 

We may have our own journey to walk, but we're not alone. I'm overjoyed at the chance to gather together to share, grow, and express the full potentiality of who we are. 

Cultivating an inner soundtrack of joy is possible. Let's dance, shall we? 

With abundant joy and gratitude, 


P.S. Register below!

Email me with any questions! Hope to see you there! :)