Can We Be Authentically Together?

Can we be authentically together?

This is the question I find myself asking,

This is the hypothesis which I put to task, keen

Mind may not find the answer

Think I’m still human, but this dance sure

Is driving me mad.


But really, I’m sad.

I believe we can, or at least I want to

Believe a woman and man can just be and respond too

But these current psuedo-interactions will really just not do.

Not in the flow, not in the know,

Ever-avoiding, constantly on the go

Looking for a sister or maybe a bro

Who can just be.

Be free, be freely with me, be freely themselves while we


share everything candidly

I’ve branded me

As a guru and a guide,

Nothing to hide,

But I too have thoughts that I keep inside.

Not saying that I shouldn’t

Nor saying that I couldn’t

Share if I wanted to, but given the space… I wouldn’t.

It isn’t safe, it isn’t free.

Seems like it’s toxic to be

Under scrutiny, internal mutiny

Want to pull back all these layers and invite the whole room to see

Yet these questions keep on haunting and I don’t feel the room to be

Me without my inhibitions on this thing called authenticity.


I stop and see

The feelings I project are de-

Ciding against my desire for an honest inquiry and so I

Move from judgment and re-

Commit to living from a place of curiosity.

Back to the dancer, don’t have the answer

Practice the process and live in the question

I had one

But now you see,

The question multiplied like rabbits exponentially

Do we have the capacity? Do we have the voracity?

To truly be with others in all their tenacity?

It seems to me...

We care more about our comfort, our safety, our private zones

Hiding blisters, bruises, broken bones

With our craned necks, staring at our phones,

Each of us in a world alone

In fear, in pain, at worst a drone

Living in a borrowed life we don't yet own.


I'm sick of the bullshit, that's right, I said it

And whether or not it's to my credit

You heard correctly, or at least, you read it

We're not yet ready for authenticity.


We'll take it in doses

We’ll take it in boxes

While through daily life we’ll plow on like oxes

Unaffected, disinterested

Blissfully unaware because we are protected

By our ignorance, though care we’ve projected

But I’m starting to see how much of it is a farce.


I need look no further than into the mirror

The things that I see there can cause

Me to quiver

And pause

While I shiver

Because my heart can be so ice cold.

In my head I think I’m bold

Others think I’m old

Living wise beyond my years while I strive to break the mold

Possibly true, but I’m so cold I’m blue,

Frozen in fear and pain.


Elsa told me love can thaw a frozen heart

Though I’ve felt like a target, pierced by a dart

A dagger of disconnection.

I’ve taken your silence personally, it’s unleashed the worst in me

I’ve phoned in with phoniness and released it commercially


a partial me

in part I see

and show you me

Though I feel my house is empty like I’ve been through a burglery

The void in me

Seems to be


To what this sensation is owing, I’m not knowing, and I’ve done my best to keep on going

And I’ve gone so far it seems I can’t stop… but neither can I go on like this.


Felt emptiness where joy once reigned

Feel stuck inside a box, contained

Shut up and shut down, all but my brain

About to erupt, like a volca-

No, I can’t do this. Not here, not now.

I’ve got to find a way forward, to somehow

Chart a new course, write a new story

Find hope, find home, perhaps not with glory

But there must be a way to be.

A way for there to be



Where my daring is met with more than staring.

Where I’m more than an image, more than an icon

An embodied spirit, right here with this flesh on

Seen for who I am and able to see others

As body, soul, spirit; my sisters and brothers

Misters and mothers


Are people too

The same need of me that I have of you

Who like me have been stuck in their own stories

Faded glories… Fuzzy perception

Not feeling met with a warm reception

I’m not the only one who’s been wrecked in a rut of their own projection

Feeling disassociated in a state of disconnection.

My feelings, my stories… They matter

This clatter, this chatter

Of comparison

And isolation

Left me like a struck-out batter

So I run

I meditate



Myself to my purpose, to realize and inspire

To connect to my flame, my own inner fire

To rewire my brain, to see pain

As an ally, not something to fear

I can listen fully and be present here

In my heart, in my center, to my own soul be near…

And allow myself to be seen again.


I wasn’t ready for authenticity.

I was guarded when this started

And when I thought we had parted

My sweet spirit would be tart had

I not made space for me

And space for we

Space for you to truly be

Your own version of authentically


We can get together, yeah yeah yeah,

You and I we can combine

When we get out of our own way, step off our self-imposed line

Moving from fear of feeling and into the feeling of fear

Into trust, we’ll be fine

Enter the space.

Out of our virtual and into reality.

You can be you, I can be me.

There is room here

We’ve granted, my roots I have planted

I’m committed to see this all through

Now I know you are too


I think I know whether we’ll weather this storm

Create a new possibility, form a new norm

From a stifling, cold heart to one that is warm

Now two, now more, beating freely.


We can be authentic.

We can be together.

We can be authentic together.

We can be authentically together.