Authenticity Transcends Individuality

Hello, friends! Happy Tribe Tuesday!

Of all the thoughts and ideas we cling to, one of the most base and taken for granted is of an individual self. Within my purpose to co-create a world where we are each and all authentic, it is important to remember that being authentic does not mean merely an individual. My protection of self, or even the idea of "myself," can run in direct opposition to authenticity. How is this? Where my identity becomes something I must protect rather than something that simply is, I turn inward and become outwardly resistant. 

There are some philosophical fine lines here, some potentially potent paradoxes, some tension; so bear with me. 

Authenticity may well begin with the renouncing of a group identity (they-me). Then we move into a felt freedom and curiosity of unearthing what has been buried, repressed, and manipulated to this point (be the "me" I was not allowed to be). Then we feel the sting that we are still not all of who and how we can be (the should-be-me), and we face our own fear and guardedness. As we ease into the acceptance of self, we remain open for growth. We stop judging others and ourselves and we begin to organically integrate who we have been, couldn't be, and can be in the flow of each moment (the "being-and-becoming-me"). From this place, we begin to see where we have limited our self-understanding to this small, defined image, and we open up to see ourselves and others as more-and-beyond. 

We let go of comparison. We let go of isolation. We let go of a "me" that is an island, independent of others. Yet we are freer than ever, not bound or constrained by the perceptions of others while being deeply rooted in empathy and awareness. We are bound up in each other's liberation, and as we shine our light we invite others to come and do likewise. 

Authenticity transcends individuality. We are invited to be fully and truly ourselves and find that we are more than this body, this form, this observer of these emotions... Being authentically me creates and contributes to we and all within all.