A Revolution of Love

The spontaneous "Have a great day!" that erupts out of your heart.

The quiet generosity you wield behind closed doors and in secret. 

The embrace you give someone who needs it.

The space you hold for someone you love.

The gift of your presence at this moment.

The way you create as if in a romance.

The way you dive in headfirst to life.

All point to this: The love revolution is alive and well.


We have no idea what the ripple of our actions will be, no idea where the domino train will end, no idea what can occur from one kind deed... and herein lies the invitation: Trust. Open your hands and your heart. Lean into love without reason for it and maybe even with evidence to the contrary. 

While some plot with ill will for destruction and devastation, we have the opportunity to create. 

Relax, people! Make something beautiful! 

Settle into the chaos. Embrace the discomfort. Take a bigger view of the circumstances you are in and find a story-arc with love as the driving force. Dare to hear the cynicism, dare to feel the pain, be courageous enough to be with what is, as it is. Then love anyway. Do your art in a way that your light shines brightly. Work for peace in a world that clamors for war. Question the status quo with the power of love in an empire that conforms to fear. 

Love will have to tear down walls we've built, love will have to overhaul the rules we've written, in love we must create space for renewal. 

We have more power than we think we do. We have more love to give than we thought possible. We have vision, creativity, beauty, kindness, strategy, energy, and empathy to spare. We can unite our spark to a larger flame, igniting the kindling of our circumstances and the logs of our life. 

We can start with the serendipity of love given anywhere and anytime, love given when no one is looking and even when people see, of love given to people without strings attached or a need for reward. Then we can get calculating, apply our brilliance and creativity to loving with intention. Then, we can look for how the teams we play with, the organizations we inhabit, the groups to which we belong... we can conspire for goodness with a love that has no borders. 

Many of us will be inclined to pour our love on our images, on ourselves alone, on our own particular brands... but unless our love invites us to stretch beyond our levels of mere comfort, have we really learned to revolt in love? 

Would I die for love? For the love of my neighbor? For the love of a stranger? I know I would for my family and friends. Is this where our revolution ends? Or will we follow the call through intuition into the serendipitous and strategic revolution without borders? Will we live in and through and to love that embraces the person in front of us as we would embrace ourselves?

Will we embrace the people beyond the roles they inhabit while also loving people enough to see how roles are affecting us differently?

Will we embrace the call to love not merely as an invitation to live comfortably but to live dangerously?

Will I?

The revolution of love is afoot. As we bare our souls to feel, to see, may we also truly be...

Living in love.

Photo by Tao Wen on Unsplash