Authentici-THREE: Three Touchstones of Authenticity

Being and becoming authentic can be as simple as three invitations:

  • Be present.

  • Be joyful.

  • Be vulnerable.

Be present refers to this moment, and it refers to being aware. Being present means I could see anything before me. Our mental programming and worldview work to create a lens through which we see the world, and while we unconsciously inhabit the moment with our "glasses" on, we are incapable of being fully and truly present to ourselves and others. In this space, we are too busy reiterating who we believe ourselves to be and how we see the world to simply be present. We're filtering everything instead of seeing and accepting. When we are truly present, we are truly open to things as they are. Perhaps presence is simple, but I'll let you know when I've mastered it!

Be joyful refers to our basic state of being as humans. Out of the space being present creates comes the flow of love and joy that meets us when we are truly being authentic. I have noticed for me that the end of joy and gratitude is in the lines and expectations I create, and most of these are reinforced by simply being elsewhere; somewhere other than the love of this moment.   

Be vulnerable means taking our openness one step further, to being discalced and disarmed. Our joy may be an effortless state of being for us, the effort lies in training our mind to be present, and from this flow of joy is a transparent and inviting presence. Being the true, innocent, and divine YOU frees you from the control of others and invites you to express what is true from a place of empathy, connectedness, intuition, and trust.

I have felt a dampening effect of the lack of these touchstones in the recent past for me; this helps me slow down and ask: Who and how am I being now?

These words are simple, the concepts simple, now let us practice. Have your touchstones at the ready so you can check yourself to BE YOU.

What are authentici-three key words? Comment below with what and why. :)

With love,

Barefoot Ben

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash