Fly • Free • Flow • Fast

It's my birthday (9.18). I've completed 27 revolutions around the sun in my life out on this glorious planet. That's pretty incredible. So much has happened. So much always happens in a year. And even though the universe has a way of throwing more and beyond what you imagine your way, I find a lot of joy in setting intentions for my personal revolutions as well as our collective celebrations. 

This year? FLY - FREE - FLOW - FAST. 

I guess you could say I'm really "F-ing" things up this year. 

Let me unpack:

This past year has felt like laying the grounds for discipline. Consistency, focus, and clearing away the clutter. This coming revolution, I'm looking to push my limits of what's imaginable and stretch to a new level of possible. I'm ready to fly like Peter Pan, looking at my life with the playfulness of a child and the widespread sense of abundance. Where I've cultivated that posture, I'm ready to see with new eyes. No dream is unreachable, and I can fly close to the sun and shoot for the stars. Second star to the right, straight on till morning, if I remember correctly. Lightness of being translated into practicing being free. Generous to myself and enjoying moments. Kairos, not kronos time. Stepping into opportunities that are freely available and within reach, not bound by a self-limiting mindset. In the flow of creativity and generative action. Where yin and yang are both present and my heart-centered action leaves room for me to devote my energies where they matter most. I'm going to complete big projects and goals, like the publishing of my book! Running fast and for longer distances, while adding back in swimming and biking. There is a pushing of my body and soul not because anyone else is expecting things of me, but because I am inspired. Launching ventures that matter to me and contributing my art and energies in the ways that fuel the flight, freedom, and flow of others here and now. 

In this past year, I have shied away from speed-related goals and getting stuck with the numbers in my head. Now, I'm not intimidated, and I'm better acquainted with the playing field. In this past year, I've developed a sense of flow that I can find, and I've recognized where I still have gas in the tank of potential, yet to be tapped. I have better recognized the self-imposed boundaries, and I'm gaining sight for breakthrough beyond them. Let's fly.


Thank you for being on this journey with me. I hope and pray this revolution is revolutionary for you, my friend. 

With love, 

Barefoot Ben

Photo by Alex Lehner on Unsplash