An Expansive View From Within

Clear skies

My eyes

Drift side to side

Patiently, slowly

Deep breath, sighs

as I recognize

the beauty all around me. 

Reality is ecstasy

Nothing in the way of the

Joy and peace, serenity,

An expansive view from within. 


Still mind

Full heart

Attentive and aware

No worry, no hurry

Not a care

My gaze is soft

I stop, no stare

Just a growing

Sense that my unknowing

is where my consciousness is going.

There's an emptiness here, and yet a fullness remains

In the everything is nothing and the reverse is the same

An embrace in this space

the presence, the grace

that is here when everything melts away.


I gaze across mountains and valleys,

Body rests

Soul settles

Spirit soars

apart from everything and of everything a part,

Just as there are mountains about me, I see from the mountains in my heart.


At times the run is arduous, at times the hike is draining

I get preoccupied with obstacles, I find myself complaining

Sunny blue skies give way to raining

I forget this experience, this expansive space is always

Here, it's available

My sanctuary, unassailable

Of course, the skies within are greyable

Too many words are say-able

If I resist this rest, this way to full

heart and open mind,

what I fixate upon is what I will find.

So I remind:

Even when I cannot see

I can still rest and be

My circumstances do not define me

They are simply an opportunity

to bring this sense of joy and unity

from the inside out.


The run will continue

There will be another peak to summit

Things to make, things to do

but for now,

I'll enjoy the view

Be who

I am and made anew

This is true


No vanity

This is not insanity

but clarity .

Clear. Here.