spirit hovers

Chaos and emptiness. 

For many of us, these are two of our basic fears. 

We like order and structure. We like knowing what to do. We enjoy the feeling of being in control. What we have missed is the spark of creativity, that vibrating hum of potentiality, in the fertile soil of void and disarray. 

The opening creation story in the Tanakh and Christian Bible says something to the effect of the spirit was hovering, brooding, being in the midst of chaos and emptiness. We often don't like to live here, but... What if the moments that are uncomfortable are where some of our best creative work and personal growth and life transformation come from?

Maybe you are feeling the swell of chaos like a wave. This is a great opportunity to feel into what is happening within and around you and ride that wave into something beautiful. Somewhere new. Take the energy-charged atmosphere as a surge that you work with instead of resisting. 

Or maybe it's the emptiness you fear. Keeping yourself busy to avoid space, avoid silence, avoid stillness, avoid seeing yourself "not do" something. This is a great opportunity to rest and relax into the silence. Embrace the void. Trust it. Perhaps the creativity you've wanted to express just needs some room to be drawn out.

The spirit hovers in our inner cosmos. 

Whether chaos or emptiness or both, hover with it. Be with it. Breathe. Then move from that cocoon to create.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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