Big and Small

Photo by  William Felker  on  Unsplash

Success in Life Principle #8: Know this:

You are never too small to do big things. You are never too big to do small things. 


Courage and creativity are available at any age, stage, position, and rank. So are humility, compassion, attentiveness, and responsibility. 

So much of our childhood is spent talking about what we will do someday. I will get my license, get a car, find my career, be who I'm supposed to be... And pretty soon we've checked all these milestones but we've missed the wonderful ride it's been. We've missed opportunities to dream big and take bold actions because we were waiting for the right time or for someone else's approval. If there is anything I want my kids to know, it is they are never too small to do big things. Whether you are a leader or not, you can lead. You can stand up for what's right. You can advocate for the wellness of others. You can take a stand, regardless of age and stage. Whimsy can be a great guide for bold action. And related to whimsy, creativity, and courage, are humility, compassion, attentiveness, and responsibility.

Living the dream isn't avoiding doing small things or things you don't like, it is doing what you care about in an expansive way. This means that when you have the age, the position, the rank, the platform, the privilege, and the power, this does not excuse you from the details, but compels you to immerse yourself in the small things. Knowing the people around you and working for their best interests. Appreciating the little things. Cleaning up messes. You are never too "high and mighty" to avoid changing a diaper or taking out the trash, just like you're never too young to give a shit. Notice, appreciate, care, acknowledge, see, and do even the little work that lies in your sphere.

You are never too small to do big things. You are never too big to do small things.