It's been a while since I have run, really run, barefoot. 

So in the past few days of picking it up again, my feet have been greeted by some old friends.


Blisters, blisters, there were never such devoted blisters. 

Reminders that conditioning is at odds with entropy. 

At first, opening yourself up to feeling is hard. It hurts. Being vulnerable will result in bruises and blisters, but this sensitivity will also train you (and me) to be strong. Feeling is not the enemy, feeling helps the body and mind connect and communicate. Being driven by or overrun by feelings, this can be dangerous, and these blisters serve to remind me. Blisters will heal. Callouses will form. Footpads can, and will, be redeveloped. Blisters can remind me of being at square one, but the journey doesn't stop here. 

Blisters are a way of the body saying, "Hey! We're not used to this!"

Then you take care, you have compassion on body, soles, and soul. And you also continue to stretch, to challenge, to expand your capacity. Compassion and healing, exploration and expansion. Healed blisters, healthy mind that is capable and adaptable, feet that are tough and soft at the same time.

I'm thankful for blisters today. For feeling. For being alive in this beautiful universe. For the process of growth and adaptation. The journey continues, one step at a time. Thanks for the reminder, blisters.