ignorance isn't bliss

to be ignorant is to miss

the finer points, the details, to be amiss


in a sea 

of less-than-whole,

of less-than me,

giving less-than a care

being less-than aware

about yourself and the others in your midst

in sameness, a bore

 it's ingrained-ness makes a chore

of being with and before

the each and all, without and within

subconscious evasion

or conscious decision

ignorance the manifestation

ignorance isn't admirable

it's horrible, deplorable

diminishing self and other

of our natural awareness

it is the posture of being closed

all is as is presupposed

to perspective, to reflective 

is to go against the judgment that I chose

or decided

wisdom I derided

as I danced in ignorance. 

this is not a dance I can recommend

I can live in wonder without pretend

no pretense

no need to be tense

just be alive, be open, be aware

live with goodwill and give a care

and choose not to ignore anymore. 

Barefoot Ben FaderComment