two kinds of power

there is a power

which much the world knows

upon wealthy and dominant

this power bestows

those who have it protect it

wield it with fear

this power is called domination

and it is used to steer

policy and policing

governments and “growth”

of economies without moralities

we’ve sold out our hope.

but there is another power

always present, often lesser known

lesser stated, not as loud

that reminds us we’re not alone

it is the power called creation

and with it comes aid

of imagination, generation

new connections made

it is a power within each of us

within all of us too

a power that enables flourishing

for me and for you

when we live in this power

and all it generates

Photo by  Kayle Kaupanger  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kayle Kaupanger on Unsplash

is peace on earth, goodwill to others

building bridges instead of walled-in states

our barriers get broken down

our hearts get broken open

we listen first and hear the needs

and then make a commotion

speaking to the powers that be

for justice and compassion

demanding that no longer we

be silent in inaction

we use our privilege and our power

for others, not ourselves

no longer do we hoard it

nor lord it from above

over other human beings

and instead we learn to live in love.

Barefoot Ben FaderComment