To be a Healer

Photo by  Matthew Henry  on  Unsplash

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

To be a healer... 

You must go through your own healing. To help others on their journey, you must go through your journey. This is not a matter of knowing more, even of merely being “further” along, it is a matter of the kind of presence you want to be, the kind of space you intend to hold, and the depth of your impact. You’re never too big, and you’re never too small; yes it’s true. AND…

If you are asking others to love themselves, how are you loving yourself?

If you are inviting others into discomfort, how are you in being with the “pains” and pangs that come up?

If you are talking a barefoot talk, you must also walk a barefoot walk.

To be a healer...

You must know how to navigate your shadow and your light. 

You must be willing to go through your own healing and your own dark night. 

You must be able to identify your wounds and recognize their impact. 

You must be aware.

Aware of your impact. Aware of the energy you bring. Aware of the others around you and where they are in their own process.

And to be a healer, you must care. 

Many-a-one can recognize the pain of others, not everyone holds space for its transformation and transfiguration. The desire for others to be nourished, to grow, to live to full vitality. To value more the growth and development in the one in front of you than to prize the part you get to play in their story. To celebrate the cultivation of life and to be humble in your role.

And to be a healer, you must dare.

To face yourself. To face others. With love, with transparency, with sensitivity and strength. Dare to defy convention in a conventional world. Dare to live your vocation in a world of occupations, and dare to trust that the universe has your back when things look bleak. That love abounds more and more and that there is enough for each and all of us.

Will you acknowledge your own pain and allow it to be transformed in love? Will you see and bless the journey of others and see both who they are and how they can be? Will you learn from your own triggers and traumas and help others to work through theirs?

Will you be a healer?

The invitation is yours.