Our Transfiguration

Photo by  Joshua Fuller  on  Unsplash

Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

I see a crystalline essence, luminous, beautiful. Inspiring and ultimate. It is the root of being, the substance and space of who we are… and it’s being hidden. I see translucent and cloudy layers of “being” around our being. Grey, murky, with deep dark spots in it. These layers are our personality. Our coping mechanisms. Our constructs. Our projections of self into our body and mind. They are wounded. We have sown sour seeds of suffering into our bodies and minds, into our personhood and personality. While our essence remains untouched, the flow of love, of life, of light… it is dampened. It is covered. It is buried.

WE ARE BURIED. We are spirit. We are the seed of blessing. We are the Divine, revealed and imprinted in THIS soul, in this self, in this INCARNATION. Yet we have rejected this paradise, rejected the spirit within that we are and have defined ourselves as distinct, as distant, as suffering. We have kicked ourselves out of Eden with the knowledge of good and evil, with our body-consciousness, with our image-crafting, with our identity lying not in our essence, but in our personality.


I have protected myself. Insulated myself. Or attempted to. It turns out that what I was protecting was not really me, but the “me” of my own invention. I am light. I am love. I am darkness. I am space. I am time. I am infinity. I am that I am. I rejected the knowledge of source. I rejected being and belonging and belovedness and became a tortured soul. I ran from love in the attempt to chase it. I ignored my body, drown in the floods of my heart, and spun out of control in the loud and ever chattering mind.


At the root of our being, we are essence and choice. We are a particular manifestation of the divine whole, a facet of the diadem, a wave in the ocean, a molecule of the body. We are a soul of all spirit. We are an incarnation of the divine. When we pull back all these layers, we are transfigured. The divine spark is revealed. We are the son and daughter of whom the Divine Parent speaks. We are the chosen one, and so is everyone else. We are invited to love. To metanoia. To metamorphosis. To transfiguration. To be and become who we are.

But we can’t do that. Because we’re attached. Because we’re blocked. We’re buried. We’re stuck. Our body is screaming to try to wake us up. Our heart is crying to be open. Our mind is screaming because it needs to be soothed and settled, put in its loving place.

We need to wake up.

We have lulled ourselves to sleep, we have succumbed to numbness, and we have blinded ourselves to the brilliance of Christ within, to the divine flame on the inside that is who we are.

The picture returns to me.

I see the dim essence, kaleidoscopic color and warm light, muted by the shadows and coverings of our absorbed hurts in the world and self-inflicted misery. All of a sudden, the dark spots are white hot, glowing and shimmering with radiant intensity. They crystallize, they shatter, and they blow into the spirit and dust in the wind. These layers, these gray-ers, they too begin to dissolve. They disappear almost entirely and then become clear as glass. The light heats up, intensifies, shines all the brighter, filling the dark blue space of the void around until the whole spectrum of color waves and shines and fills all that is.

I zoom out. Even the darkness is beautiful.

Twin stars, my wife and I, burn all the brighter.

Other stars emerge. No one will know the depth of the impact of these lights, and even when they die out, other lights will emerge in their place.

Love will go on. Love will win. Life will win. Light (and dark) will be.

The uncovering of our essence, the discovery of choice. That is the purpose of this blog, this upcoming book. The purpose of my life. And yours.

The white-hot light. The discovery of your layers of self. The redemption of your wounds. The transfiguration of who YOU are. The untethering of your soul. The discovery of God in all persons in all places at all times and in all things, hovering and accompanying and dancing in and between everything. The warmth of presence and light within you. The bushel you’ve been hiding in. The shoes you and I have been wearing. The "discalcing" of our “selves” to which we have attached and identified and the blissful movement into the unknowing and be-living love that we are and have. I invite you to be TRANSFIGURED, to let what is, who you are, shine unhindered.

I invite you to be you, to be true, to journey authentically into

A Barefoot Way to Be.


Be transfigured, let the light and love that you are SHINE today, my friends.