Love or Fear?

Photo by  Clem Onojeghuo  on  Unsplash

Generally, I'm all about the both/and, but there is one exception:

Do we choose to be in love or fear?


"There is no room for fear in love. Complete love casts out fear."

So what do we choose?

If I regret anything, it is the choices I have made in fear, and even these choices, these behaviors, these actions... The only way through them and beyond them is love. 


Love is the fullness of who we are and where we come from. I think this is what the author of 1 John meant when they wrote, "God is love."


We make the choice (and we build the mental conditioning) for being OPEN or CLOSED. In LOVE or FEAR. In ACCEPTANCE or RESISTANCE. THIS is the switch we flip. This is the choice we make. Not even "positive or negative." 

In love there is space for all of my feelings, fear closes around the loudest and most painful. In love, there is space for the other to be and become. In fear, it's "all about me." 


In a fear-based self-protection, I become oblivious to the impact I am having on other people. In love, I am aware, AND I care. 

Fear judges and justifies; love seeks to understand in curiosity.

Perfect love casts out fear. Into risk. Unto a life worth living. Even to death. 

Love is engaged. In my practice. Present in the moment.

Fear involves the fight/flight reaction; do I withdraw and retreat or attack the thing head-on?

Both of those responses are two sides of the same coin. Only love can interrupt that game and start a new trajectory. 

Love is the root of our existence. Love is the reason for living. Love is the ethos, love is the praxis, love is the telos.

Love invites us to shed our preconceptions. Love invites us to take off our shoes. Love is disarming. Love is utterly simple and completely profound. 

Love is doggedly persistent and actively caring for the other. It doesn't feed jealousy or arrogance. It doesn't cling to positional power or take cheap shots. When you are (and are IN) love, you seek the whole, not just the one. There is room to acknowledge feelings and forgive. Love doesn't celebrate the harm done to others but affords space for clarity and awareness. Love carries, love trusts, love braves and endures.

The choice is before us today, LOVE or FEAR.


May we choose love.