Get Out of Your Own Way

We put on our own masks. Photo by  Hybrid  on  Unsplash

We put on our own masks. Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash

Good morning, Amazing person! Happy Tribe Tuesday! Thanks for being with me.

Do you ever feel like you're being inauthentic but you're not sure why?

Let's explore that, shall we?


What gets in my way? "I" do. 

My belief in certain aspects of interests and behaviors being who I am.

My attachment to "filling a felt space" within and around me.

My escaping from the moment to nurse wounds from the past or protect my imagined "self."


All this gets in the way of my Essence, and my capacity to Choose. 

When I am trying to "get back to Eden," I miss the abundance of this moment, this place, all to fill a perceived lack. This programming robs me of my power, invests my choice in living a drama, and covers over my essence with an act. 

What stops us from achieving our dreams, from dreaming better dreams, or from helping others achieve theirs? We do.

We stop the flow. We create resistance. We get stuck. We get fixated, static, and immovable. And when we are like this, we are out of alignment with our authentic selves and lose our capacity to adapt, respond intuitively, and be transformed from moment to moment.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get out of your own way. 

Let's discuss three ways to do exactly that today. 

First, take the plank out of your own eye. Where and how are your VIEWS and OPINIONS of yourself, your life, others around you shaping and distorting reality? Audit your choices, your behaviors, your emotional equilibrium (or lack thereof!) and step back and look at yourself. Don't run or hide, be with it. We "get in our own way" precisely by blaming others and running from how we actually are showing up. So stop, look, listen, and examine yourself. 

Second, find your flow.  There are many ways to flow. Running, journaling, painting, mountain biking... So many ways! Get "lost" (and "found") in being present to one thing and seeing where it goes. Morning pages are a great way to prime the pump and allow space for an unfiltered stream of consciousness. Running (especially on a singletrack trail!) allows for a physical flow that can form and hold space for a spiritual flow within. Find your flow today and stay in it, devote time to being timeless. 

Third, be with another. Often our interactions are shaped by our own unawareness and lack of intention, so set an intention to be with another. Even if it's one other person today, what if you held space for them to simply be, and you to be with them? Who knows what would happen! In fact, YOU (the you beneath all the "yous" you put up in lieu of you) might just show up to the conversation in listening, making eye-contact, and being a person. 


Get out of your own way today. YOU might just show up like never before. 

How are you getting out of your own way today? Comment below.