Un-Do. Be.


Present in all of our doings

Is our level of BEING.

Who and how we are precedes and permeates all our activity. 

Often our inner world is

Much like the outer world, the cultures and connections abuzz all around, calling,


I can internalize this vision, this voice, and act accordingly...

The problem, being-or rather, a lack thereof. 

"Being" scattered, preoccupied, anxious, fragmented

Acting out of a sense of LACK, ABSENCE, instead of


The start, the secret, the way in and out and through, is 


For no other end but to be.

Enjoying what is. 

Breathing for the sake of breathing.

Being human, beneath and beyond and before any "Doing."


Fittingly, this powerful, peaceful, and present being will invoke

powerful, peaceful, and present doing.

Generative, self-nurturing acts of enjoyment 

will enable and allow for action as called for.



Looks a great deal like an intervention.

Stopping the patterns and stories that we perpetuate and fall prey to

The helter-skelter, living on the fringes of being

Kind of existence.

The disorientation and dislocation of UN-DOING can be exactly what we need to BE.

When and how do you hold space to BE?

How do you nourish your essence? Your body? Your presence?


When was the last time you watched clouds? LIstened to singing birds?

Sat in the pouring rain? Watched an eagle fly?

Curled up like a cat in the sunshine to take a nap?

Fully appreciated the food you were eating?

Sat on the grass, closed your eyes, and meditated?


Whatever you un-do, un-do in remembrance of BE.