Photo by  Dino Reichmuth  on  Unsplash

Hello, Friends!!

It's your turn. It's my turn.

It's time to return, not to turn back in resignation, but to renew and recommit...

to the dreams you have,

to the ways of being you are capable of,

to holistic honesty, audacious authenticity, and being the barefoot soul you are. 


The past several months have involved me seeing the gaps, many of them immense and intense, between who I am and can become as compared to how I am actually being and what effects I have had on those around me. 

I have not been safe space during much of this time, I have been seething. Seemingly unable to cope with the gap and looking around like a blaming victim when I put me here. 

I have set down many of my practices, my aid stations, my soul food and embodied rituals only to see how deeply important they are and to augment them, deepen them, and recommit to self care after much lack in taking care of myself. 

I have seen the gaps in my love for others, the lines I have drawn around love, the limitations I have put on MYSELF and the very nature of life. 

I have discovered (some of) the blind spots I had been avoiding and learned some lessons, and I have developed habits, and in disconnecting and unplugging I have also reconnected with good friends and with dormant parts of myself.

I have let go of my need to maintain certain structures and now recommitted to the work I do and the reasons it matters. 


If you've needed me, I am sorry I was not there. I felt the need to withdraw and I did. That said, I am here. Your encouragement has meant a great deal to me during a challenging and reformative time. 


Much has shifted. Much will change. I cannot speak to it all now. But know this, I have (re)turned. I'm looking forward to sharing more. 



Barefoot Ben