Let's Get CAMPY: Fighting for a Life Outdoors

Photo by  Ben Duchac  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash

I just started a job with the REI Co-op!

It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it is an incredibly authentic fit.

The co-op exists to inspire and equip people for a life outdoors, and this is ties to one of my primary passions. Being active and outside.

But what is so important about “the outdoors?” Why is this central to my mission and my work? Why should you care?

As a “Camp Counselor of Life,” what I am standing for is to invite and inspire people to be fully and authentically themselves, to be courageously authentic, and to have transformative experiences that propel them forward in the life of their dreams.

While powerful experiences can happen inside, I believe we are most ALIVE and most OURSELVES when we step beyond the comfortable, the familiar human environment, and enter wild places, allowing ourselves to re-wild and to re-child. When we set down our gadgets, our technological security blankets, our screens, and watch the stars. When we lose track of time in the moments of simply being, or of doing some epic shit. Being “in nature” invites us to play, to take risks, to be uncomfortable, and to tap into that primal human animal that doesn’t have to be on the forefront when we’re lying on the couch watching netflix. Being in the elements invites our body to adapt to an environment that isn’t climate controlled at 68 degrees all the time, do take on challenges that involve our body and mind, and to wonder. While all these elements are theoretically possible indoors, they naturally and organically (pun intended) occur when we step outside and are fully present.

So, friends, it’s time to get campy.

As the weather warms in the PNW, it’s all the easier to get up and get outside. So make time to ditch the screen, break out of the box, and tap into that child-like, primal, adventurous and authentic and fully alive YOU. Get up. Get out. BE FULLY YOU AND FULLY ALIVE.

Some questions for you in thinking about a life outdoors:

How do you make space for wander and wonder in the out-of-doors?

What transformative experiences have you had outside?

What activities do you take on for recreation?

What new skills or new adventures do you hope to take on in the warmer months?


What kinds of experiences would you hope to see from me and what ideas for playing together do you have?

On the adventure with you as your camp counselor of life,

Barefoot Ben