I contain multitudes / all of the above


I contain multitudes.

I am a midnight dance party

I am a child at play

I am alive, in awe, under the stars

the glowing milky way.

I am a musician, producer, performer

I am an artist, and

I am an explorer

Unleashing my whimsy and gifts.

I am an enigma, yet

I am crystal clear

At my best, I’m a spectacle

yet no illusion is here.

I am a jewel

I am a gem

I am a me

not bound by or against “them.”

I am a barefoot “Benjammin,”

I am the puzzler over rich texts

I contain multitudes…

and redacting what IS would be disrespect.

I don’t need to comprehend

I don’t need to understand

I DO need to listen to and express


I am active

I am passive

I am deep in meditation

I am recovering from emotional inebriation.

I am discovering

I am unraveling

I am in process

I am a nomad traveling.

I may be a sinner, yet

I am a saint

Not bound by my past

A new picture I paint.

I am a guru

I am a guide

I am a disciple

Learning to take life in stride.

I am an adolescent, and

I am an adult

Ever young, ever wild,

Leading a barefoot revolt.

I am an addict

to significance and praise

I am a parent

enjoying ephemeral days.

I am a scholar

I am a tramp

I am a mystic,

and a counselor of camp.

I am a heretic

I am an outcast

I am intense

Living life at full-blast.

I am an athlete

I am a shoe-in

I am striving for excellence

in all I am doin’.

I am a slut,

I am a Type 4

I am a generalist,

always curious for more.

I am letting go

I am letting be

I am letting grow

an integrated me.

I am choosing choice

Seeing what was and moving on

tuning into spirit, writing,

a new hymn, a different song.

I am a son

a brother, a friend

While fiercely independent

I am loyal to the end.

I am a badass

and I can be weak and whine

instead of using my meekness

for something divine.

I am often too comfortable

being amiable and mild

and I often compensate

with zany, frantic, wild.

I am often hard-hearted,

though I am tender through and through

I am learning to let go

of my attachment to you.


and what’s more, I will say

that you do too!…

So be all of the above today.*

This isn’t to say that all that we are or have been is what we ought to be, desire to be, or are inspired in choosing to be. It is to say that allowing and accepting what is will be the beginning for whatever transformation is possible.

*PS: (Feel free to not take on any labels or affirmations that you don’t find to be true or helpful for yourself. :)

Much love,