yo soy un peregrino

Me in front of an REI employee mural in the stairwell at work. :)

Me in front of an REI employee mural in the stairwell at work. :)

I was born to catch dragons in their dens-
and pick flowers-
To tell tales and laugh away the morning-
To drift and dream
like a mountain stream
And walk barefoot across sunshine days
— quote from an REI employee mural

I believe freedom is who we are.

Lightness, aliveness, gentleness,

Wondering, wandering,

Laughter and play

We’re all pilgrims on this journey of life.

We carry the sacred with and within us, and we are invited to live in a present awareness of the sacred all around us.

I am a pilgrim. You are a pilgrim.

Yo soy peregrino.

As I prepare for my trip to Spain (THREE WEEKS FROM NOW!!), there are many questions I have been asking contemplating how to pack lightly, travel lightly, and live lightly. What can I leave behind? What do I need to have with me? What are the intentions I have for my trip and how can I hold them lightly? What do I hope to gain? What do I hope to lose? I have been focused on the goal of this trip, and having this goal has funneled action, resources, and made some choices clear. Yet, my life has not been merely anticipatory. The promise of an upcoming pilgrimage reminds me to live as a pilgrim in each moment of my life. To live open, curious, connected. To marvel with gratitude at the people and resources that show up in my life and space. To worry less, to carry less, to rest well, to be present and aware. To BE, to LIVE, and to LOVE… right here and now even as I work for the possibility of what may yet be.

In that spirit, I stumbled upon some poetry I wrote a year or so ago, and found it relevant and worth a read. After the poem, I’ll offer a closing word. Enjoy:

Don’t IGNORE anymore

Be with it all

Be in it


Into real life around you and have a fucking ball

It’s your choice to, or not to, 

Do exactly what I’m saying

(You can dance all day whether or not there’s music playing)

And if you hear music, make it. 

If you see a chance, take it. 

If you don’t know the words, just vocalize and fake it…

Or say nothing at all.

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you playing

With a love-filled, open heart

And a curiosity-driven mind.

Are you aligned

With what you are and can you 

Put your past behind?

Let this poem remind

“You” aren’t real, and you are here.

So whatever else it means or doesn’t mean, 

LIVE, my dear.

Embrace the fear

Let love be near

We may die tomorrow, we may die today

What do you want your life to say?

No one may read it, or many may

Before you bite the dust and return to the same.

We are not promised tomorrow, there are no ultimate guarantees in life, but that isn’t the point.

Here we are, awake and alive, brimming with potential and humming with spirit in this moment.

From now until after my trip (August 5th-September 18th), I won’t be active on this site. I’ll be enjoying the space of adventure, of wonder, of discernment, and will be fairly unplugged. Upon my return, I will be reflecting on and synthesizing my experience to share, and look forward to inviting you, at some level, into my travels.

In the meantime, practice your own pilgrimage as I am practicing mine. Whether it is walking the sacred streets with which you are already familiar or it is an altogether surprising journey, may you be filled with wonder, gratitude, joy, and a lightness of aliveness.

I am grateful to be with you, in whatever capacity, on this incredible journey.

Peace to you,