holy week / whole me week

Hey, Amazing Person!!!!


Before getting I know it’s been a while, and I have been in the midst of some big transitions with work and life, AND…I am excited to announce:

I am (re)launching my brand and business as a life-coach, content creator, and transformative teacher under the distinction that I am a CAMP COUNSELOR of LIFE.

This work has been largely on pause and under wraps for several months, and it is exciting to be in the process of launching. This means there will be lots of work, and lots of changes which you’ll see in coming weeks months. This includes:

  • Creating consistently again, blogging on a weekly basis and launching a new podcast in the next few months (more details to come).

  • Changes to my brand identity from “be-live-love” to “Barefoot Ben Fader.”

  • Workshops, clinics, events, and retreats that are being created and scheduled.

  • Opening up my roster to take on coaching clients.

  • Delving back into the work of writing my book(s).

  • and more!

If you have any thoughts or questions about this, shoot me an email! Again, more details to come, and I wanted to put that announcement out there to people that are already interested in my work and following along. :)

Without further ado, let’s delve into “holy week / whole me week:

My friends call me a “religious person.” This is true! Though my journey with Jesus and habitation of the Christian faith has taken many unexpected twists and turns (as any journey worth taking would), I still love Jesus and am somehow still a Christian.

As someone who inhabits the Christian Faith, the liturgy and tradition around Holy Week is something I look forward to. The rituals and reflections around the core of our faith, Jesus, but with such a different energy and sense than I was taught as a young person. For me, I see holy week as an invitation to bring my whole self into reflection. Our own humanity, our own divinity, our own fears and pain and heartache as well as our own commitment to see the healing of persons and systems here and now. In considering the passion of Jesus, I am invited to seriously consider my own priorities, my own avoidance or acceptance of risk, my own complicity with the violence in our systems and my own heartache for change. I see that I, like Peter, deny the true witnesses that name injustice to keep myself from looking bad or being associated with “radicals.” I see that I, like Pilate, want to wash my hands and say “it’s not my fault, it’s just the way things are and have to be.” I see that I, like the religious leaders, look for scapegoats and others to blame for the way things are. And I see Jesus, and I am inspired by the vision of a person who counted the costs, strategically placed their work and their body in the center of these competing systems and priorities and kept moving forward.

There is something beautiful, even sacred, about the consideration of the divine through the lens of this tradition. AND, I believe the sacred, more than being named in one tradition, is put on display in the full expression of each and all of us. FULLY ALIVE persons and THRIVING COMMUNITIES. How can we see Holy Week as an invitation to be our whole selves?

Showing up as a “whole me” does not mean the avoidance of pain or fear, but the acceptance and acknowledgement of these parts of myself and having compassion for them. Showing up as the whole me does not mean presenting a spotless image of having-it-all-together, but as being vulnerable, honest, and open-hearted. Showing up as the whole me involves counting the costs of worthwhile risks, and choosing them anyway. Showing up as the whole me involves LETTING GO of what is unnecessary and GOING ON to the meaningful, inspired vision of the future. Showing up as the whole me involves relentless honesty with myself and others.

So this holy week, whether or not you are a practitioner in the Christian faith, let it be another reminder, another opportunity to be and to be with your whole self, “warts and all.” Let today be an invitation to reclaim parts of you you buried or avoided, and an invitation to let go of ways of being that are not serving your growth or your contribution to others.

As for me, I am celebrating “holy week” and “whole me week” simultaneously.

How will YOU celebrate “Whole Me Week?” Answer in comments or email to your heart’s content. :)

May you be rich with reflection and with purposeful action today and beyond.

With abundant love and gratitude,

Barefoot Ben