The Last 8 Years

On September 3rd, 2009, after hours of walking around my neighborhood and talking, Courtney and I decided to start dating. I couldn't have imagined what the past eight years would bring and would mean. A simple choice to be in a relationship and the choice to keep choosing, the ripples extend far beyond what I could have imagined. Eight years. Three kids. Six jobs. Three living situations. So...many...diapers. New friends, change of faith, winding road of belief and the constant work for authenticity. Navigating jealousy, boredom, being overwhelmed, surprised, delighted, anxious, hopeful, daring, fearful, deeply rooted and driven in dreaming. Our expectations have had to be let go, our priorities shifted, and all the while, our love has grown. Over the last eight years (and even in recent weeks and months), I have been made aware that so much of life is simply in our choosing to love what is, and then choosing what to do with it. I'm thankful for Courtney, that our paths are intertwined. I'm thankful to be committed to her and committed with her. I'm thankful for our little people, our little town, our big dreams, and for the belief that they all connect somehow. I'm thankful for the sense of possibility we have looking forward, and I'm thankful for the joy I have in looking over the last eight years of our story. So much growth and change, so many challenges and opportunities, so much to be thankful for and proud of. So much happens in eight years, and I can hardly imagine what the next eight will mean and bring.